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    3. Fresh Air

      There’s so much new innovation to share this year, we decided to create one place to hold it all. Fresh Air is where you’ll find all the new product announcements, new features, and 2020 updates we’re releasing over the next few months. Subscribe and we’ll make sure you hear it all first.

      New Globetrotter 23FB Floor Plan

      The New Globetrotter 23FB and 23FB Twin

      Ultra-modern style in a smaller, easier-to-tow option. The new 23FB and 23FB Twin floor plans join the Globetrotter family. And they’re quickly becoming our new favorites.

      New Bambi and Caravel Travel Trailers

      The new Bambi and Caravel Travel Trailers are here

      See the photos, videos, and floor plans of two all-new small, lightweight, and fully adorable travel trailer families joining our 2020 lineup: the super efficient Bambi and the modern, delightfully luxurious Caravel.

      New MY2020 Product Updates

      MY 2020 Product Updates

      We’ll break down what’s new and different in our 2020 travel trailers, as well as which models are heading into the sunset this year.

      Touring Coach Updates


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