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    3. Features

      Bambi Air Conditioning

      Air conditioning and heating

      Temperature can easily make or break any camping trip. But with Bambi’s air conditioner and auxiliary heat strip, you’ll stay comfortable no matter where you are and what the weather is like outside. The heat strip gives you the flexibility to use electricity to keep your Bambi warm and toasty.?

      Take camp meals to the next level

      When you’re ready for something a little more gourmet than the campfire, Bambi has a stove and microwave that give you much more freedom and flexibility. The built-in refrigerator keeps things fresh, and a sink and stove cover extend your prep space on the countertop.

      Bambi Exterior shower

      Exterior shower

      Inside a lockable compartment on the outside of the Bambi is an exterior shower with hot and cold water. Use it to rinse off your gear or yourself before you step inside your trailer, or enjoy an outdoor shower just because you want to.

      Bambi Bathroom

      Spacious rear bath

      The 22FB floor plan features a spacious bathroom that spans the whole back of the trailer, with a wood door and a window. A standalone shower includes a built-in seat, and a vanity with cabinet storage gives you plenty of space to get ready.

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