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    3. Nest by Airstream?

      2019 Nest by Airstream? starting at $42,900
      2019 Nest by Airstream? Icon_ArrowDown

      The all-new Nest by Airstream offers a modern twist on our iconic silver-bullet travel trailers. Its fiberglass body and bold automotive styling will speak to anyone who loves contemporary design. And its light and airy interior décor brings in the beauty of the great outdoors. If you’ve been looking for something different, you’ll want to look into?Nest.






      sleeps up to


      floor plan options

      Nest Spotlight Video

      Get a closer look at the Nest, both inside and out – from the appliances and technology to the clever sleeping space and onboard restroom.


      Nest by Airstream laura austin audi q3

      Sleek, beautiful design

      The fiberglass Nest represents a whole new look for an Airstream travel trailer. Its refreshing, sleek interior design weaves in elements of the great outdoors. Seamless vinyl flooring, handcrafted Italian Lite-Ply? laminated cabinetry, and soft-touch panels and accent walls create a stunning backdrop for all your adventures. And Nest’s bold exterior makes a statement wherever you park it.

      Airstream Travel Trailer white interior galley

      Smart layout

      You might be surprised by how much fits inside Nest’s two 16-foot floor plans. For starters, there’s a full kitchen that allows you to whip up snacks or meals with ease. There’s also an onboard wet bath, a comfortable bed that sleeps two, lots of integrated storage, and space to eat, work, and just relax. So anywhere you go, everything you need is right there.

      Airstream Travel Trailer towing capability

      Towable with an SUV

      The Nest is nimble and light on its feet, which makes it easy to tow with a variety of mid-size SUVs. Take it to the city for an urban adventure, or head out to the open country for hiking, exploring, or just reconnecting with nature. Its compact design makes it the perfect sidekick for even the most last-minute weekend getaways.

      Bluetooth? LED Lights

      Adjust with an easy-to-use app

      USB and 110V Charging Outlets

      Charge devices and use appliances with ease

      Blackout Curtains

      For a good night’s rest or an afternoon nap

      Custom Entry Mat

      Created especially for Nest

      Tuft & Needle? Adaptive Foam Mattress

      In the 16FB floor plan

      Clever Storage

      Overhead compartments, a closet, and more

      Why Airstream

      Airstream Travel Trailer Nest production process quality chassis

      Quality that lasts for generations

      Even though Nest looks different, it shares the same fundamental qualities that make Airstream such an enduring brand: the true craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the undeniable spirit of adventure.

      Timelessly modern design

      From the very first Airstream travel trailer to now, we’ve always favored clean, modern design that stands the test of time.